Who We Are

Helping Humanity is a charitable organisation established in July 2009. The organisation was founded upon Muslim faith, inspired by the holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Charity is proof of a Muslim’s belief and helping the needy is part of all our responsibility – every one of us. Together we can bring happiness and joy to the lives of many. Our fight is to eradicate the cause of poverty by working closely together with communities. 

Our vision is driven by passion and motivation with Islamic ethos at heart to eliminate illiteracy through education, generate sustainable employment, promote healthy living, relieve poverty and provide sanctuary to orphans. Helping Humanity is not a disaster relief organisation, whilst other charitable organisation operates in war torn countries, we continue to focus on emerging countries such as Bangladesh.

In our heart we believe that we can help and change the lives of the poor and needy, upon unity by participating in the little that we do to make substantial differences to our less fortunate fellow human beings one step at a time.

Your Donation Our aim is to make sure your donation is fully utilised towards the most deserved in society, we achieve this by carrying out local inspection and assess the situation or requirement of the beneficiaries, unless otherwise instructed by you to use towards a specific cause. Our aim is to ensure 100% of your donation goes towards projects to help the needy, this way stay ethical and transparent both to ourselves and you.

Administration Fees Administrative cost consists of running of the website, advertisements, filming, travel, transportation and accommodation of volunteers etc. We believe 100% of your donation should reach its intended purpose, that’s to help the poor. However, running a charity organisation comes at a cost. Our administrative costs are currently covered by gift aid, business supporters, and sponsorships to support the operational side of the charity.

We offer our donors the option to opt out from using the gift aid towards administrative cost, just let us know and we’ll make sure your gift aid goes towards the cost of projects. We welcome and appreciate anyone who wishes to participate with administrative fees to assist our work (Donate for Admin Support Support) and the challenging tasks we face ahead. You can make your contributions as it will help towards future projects.

Trustees and Volunteers All of our trustees are in full time employment, volunteering their spare time and effort for free. We have carefully selected young dynamic individuals with the passion to make a difference in society.  You too can make a difference, whether you want to fundraise for a particular cause you feel passionate about or you wish to utilise your skills or talent to help the charity, then get in touch with us. Let’s make a difference together!