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Are you ready to offer your sacrifice? Let us fulfil your Qurbani in Bangladesh.

Did you know in Bangladesh many families only get the opportunity to have meat once a year, hard to believe isn’t it?

Helping Humanity is ready to share the happiness amongst the people of Bangladesh during the festive period.

Why us? Well, the sacrifice is an important act of worship, that’s why we take utmost pride in the work we do as we see this as an amanah (trust) placed on us by our donor.

To fulfil the sacrifice according to the Prophetic tradition and adhere to the prescribed texts.

We conduct the sacrifice by:
1. Purchasing healthy animal free from defects

2. Slaughter at the correct time and method

3. Distribute amongst the orphans and the poor

The Price for 2024 Qurbani:

£95 for one share

£190 for two shares

£665 for seven shares

Are you ready to share the happiness?

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Your donations are having a huge impact on the lives of so many unfortunate people.

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