Install a Water Pump

For just £300 you can install a water pump and save the lives of many with reliable access to clean water.

You can help eradicate diseases

Cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis A are caused by bacteria, and are among the most common diarrheal diseases. Other illnesses, such as dysentery, are caused by parasites that live in water contaminated by the faeces of sick individuals. Lakes and streams which people use for drinking water. Bathing and defecating are sources of disease, as is water left by natural disasters.

However, many poor people still have difficulty getting access to these wells, therefore relying on water from lakes and streams. With your help, Helping Humanity is committed to installing water pumps for those who have no access to clean water. 

Legacy Giving 

The Legacy Giving project is a sadaqah jariyah project, allowing you the donor to install a water pump in your own name or that of a loved one and leave a lasting legacy for many years of clean water access. 

If you wish to take part in the Legacy Giving initiative, just provide us with your details you’d like on your plaque in the comment box when making your payment. 

An average typical message on a plaque can contain up to a maximum of 12 words or 60 characters.

Sample Plaque 

Our selection process 

Our team on the ground will source a location for installing the water pump and assess the need of individuals, families or communities. 

Our average price of installing a water pump cost £300. This is based on the location and how deep our contractors has to dig until source of fresh water can be found. We intend to stay within this budget, however we have installed water pumps as expensive as £900. Occasionally at some locations we may install water pump which may cost less than £300, wherby endeavour to use the surplus fund on a similar project where possible. 

Our current water pump project completion time is 8 weeks (16 weeks around the Ramadan season), however this may vary from time to time. 

We post photo’s of the completed project on our Facebook page and occasionally we may post videos (where possible) on both Facebook and Youtube.

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