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Inspired by Al-Quran 76:8

To provide a basic necessity like food can often be a challenge in our society where there is a welfare system, it can be looked upon as trivial ‘how can someone be in need of food where there is a benefit system’. In many cases individuals for whatever reason may not be in receipt of any benefits and those that are, are often unable to manage the minuscule finance they have. It is not for us to judge a person for the circumstances they are in. Rather it is for us to extend our love and be part of a beautiful moment – to put a smile on a person’s face. To show that we care and value their wellbeing.

The concept of feeding the people out of love was inspired by the verse: “And they Give Food, Out of Love for the Creator” and “(Saying) ‘We feed you for the sake of the creator alone, no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks” [Quran 76:8].

Feeding anyone in any given situation is usually very pleasing, whether it is a guest or just helping those in need. It is a medication and healing both to the host and the guest as it creates a sense affection and care.

When a needy person eats to their fill, it not only satisfies the body but additionally transforms into a kind of medicine and healing for the one who gave it, a spiritual healing. Extending the love of the creator towards the creation, through His vicegerents. There is praise and gratitude on both sides. The one who was fed and the one who was given the ability and desire to feed.

Imagine someone offering to pay for the food that you intended to buy, it will blow you out, especially if it was a stranger, instantaneously there is a feeling of appreciation and elation. Then, what about the one who is fed because they are in need! especially if this happens without being asked as in the case of begging, asking isn’t an easy task for everyone.

We all acknowledge that in every society there exist under privileged individuals and hence we reach out extending our love towards each other as good human beings. It is from goodness to look at the people less fortunate than us to recognise the bounty and blessings that we have, compared to others, makes one feel grateful and helps us to focus and balance our lives and do away with trivial matters.

We love the people, because we love the creator. We want mercy from the creator and hence we are being merciful towards His creation. ‘The upper hand is better than the lower hand’ and so we hope that you will participate in this act of kindness by donating what you can, and maybe one day, join us on the ground to give food out of love seeking the pleasure of the One who has created us all.

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