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Install a Water Pump for just £350 for a standard one or donate more for areas where the layer is lower and needs deeper boring. By installing a water pump you are giving someone access to a basic need,  which can also save lives.

Most of the poor people still have difficulty getting access to local water pumps, and therefore rely on water from lakes and streams which can be the sources of diseases. You can help rid diseases such as, Cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis(A) caused by bacteria, and are among the most common diarrheal diseases. Other illnesses, such as dysentery, are caused by parasites that live in contaminated water.

In Bangladesh the bathing in a pond, especially for women is not a dignified choice. You can give them the dignity they deserve through your kindness. Helping Humanity is committed in installing water pumps for those who have no access, or those that have to travel to their neighbour’s well for clean water. The responsibility often falls upon the women to carry the water vessels, and with this in mind we encourage you to make that donation.

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