QUICK DONATE Share the reward Are you ready to offer your sacrifice? Let us fulfil your Qurbani in Bangladesh. Did you know in Bangladesh many families only get the opportunity to have meat once a year, hard to believe isn’t it? Helping Humanity is ready to share the happiness amongst the people of Bangladesh during […]

Belgasa Girls School

QUICK DONATE Share the reward Help Us Reach Our Goal This is a girls school and orphanage in Belgasa, Islampur Jamalpur Bangladesh. It was established in 2016 with just 12 students and now currently has 230. 20 haafidhaah have graduated of whom 13 have gone on to become teachers in various areas of the country. […]

Road and Bridge project

QUICK DONATE Share the reward Road and Bridge project The rural areas of Bangladesh are in most need of bridges and road repair. We have seen residents repairing their local roads – a developing country like Bangladesh faces difficulties with local governance and it is not fitting to go into the complexities. Too often it’s […]


QUICK DONATE Share the reward Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is an Obligatory form of alms paid on one’s wealth (in possession for the whole year) to those in need. It is paid at a rate of 2.5% on most types of wealth, provided the wealth exceeds a minimum level […]

Give Water

QUICK DONATE FUNDRAISE FOR US Share the reward Install a Water Pump for just £350 for a standard one or donate more for areas where the layer is lower and needs deeper boring. By installing a water pump you are giving someone access to a basic need,  which can also save lives. Most of the […]

Wedding support

QUICK DONATE Share the reward Help Us Reach Our Goal No doubt, the one that assists in the marriage of two people is looked upon favourably. Marriage is said to be half of faith(religion), we call upon your assistance to help the poor and needy to make it possible to get their daughters married. Sadly […]

Sewing Machine

QUICK DONATE FUNDRAISE FOR US Share the reward A country that is world famous for its production of garments, what can be better as a gift than a sewing machine. For just £75 you can help a person make a living to provide for their family. In some cases it may be an additional income […]

House/Roof repair project

QUICK DONATE FUNDRAISE FOR US Share the reward Help Us Reach Our Goal There are thousands, if not millions, living in homes made out of corrugated tin in rural Bangladesh. Too often these end up damaged and in need of repair/replacement due to adverse weather conditions and tragic natural disasters. Recently we have had many […]


QUICK DONATE Share the reward Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on telegram Share on email Share on whatsapp Donate a Rickshaw for just £175 and together we can create employment opportunities for individuals, which will allow them to support themselves and their families rather than imploring on the streets. We will take the responsibility to find […]

Roadside Kiosk

QUICK DONATE FUNDRAISE FOR US Share the reward We would like you to empower a person by donating a unit – either by yourself or as a group(family & friends) collaboration. We all know the saying ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you […]